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A Modular Interactive Virtual Surgical Training Environment

Safe and successful surgical intervention requires careful planning and precise technical execution. The ideal surgical education and training environment would include repetition, reinforcement, review, and re-evaluation to speed the achievement of required performance levels, focus trainees on critical tasks, and promote the development of competent intraoperative decision making. Read full document

Using Virtual Reality for Training Maintenance Procedures

In light of rapid technology advances and budget declines, the Navy is exploring innovative training solutions though initiatives such as Sailor 2025 and High Velocity Learning, which call for more hands-on, learner-centric training. Consistent with these initiatives, virtual reality (VR) offers a low-cost alternative to traditional methods of training by offering Sailors interactive and immersive 3-D simulation environments to train critical skills. Read full document

Your New Dinner Party

Harry Parr has one of the most dynamic palates on the planet. Half of the London-based food consultants Bompas & Parr, he’s served plasma-cooked bacon, created clouds of vaporized gin and tonic, and dropped banana-flavored confetti in sync to New Year’s Eve fireworks. So it was notable that before he spoke at FoodHack, a conference in Gwangju, South Korea, in June, he made sure to swing by a tiny three-seat stall for a five-course meal called Aerobanquets RMX. Read full document


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